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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

                               - Oscar Wilde -

Isn't it tiring ... to purchase costly bags from well-known labels just to find out afterwards that the leather originates from third-world-countries where humans as well as animals are living and working under catastrophic circumstances when producing the bags only to save material costs and to increase the profit of the label?


Toxic Chrome VI occurs as a result leather tanning not professionally performed. This not only puts the health of the workers in high danger but also ours as we carry the bag in our hand and Chrome VI penetrates our bodies through contact with the skin.


A respectful way of dealing with nature, the environment, human beings and animals is very important to you?


We feel the same way. As a result of this perceived duty and as we in addition finally wanted to bring our creativity to life is why our wagnerstrasse was born. When carefully select our materials we lay great value on pollution-inspected fabrics - within our wagnerstrasse there is no highly contaminated leather. Our with much love and care crafted bags and accessories are:

  • developed and produced with enthusiasm by ourselves with great attendance to detail
  • handmade with care in Ravensburg in the South of Germany
  • of high quality craftmanship,
  • timeless, endurable and
  • made exclusively out of high grade materials from Germany.


that is Corinna Rederer, born in 1967. Grew up in a Wagnerstrasse, district Ravensburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg. Taylor.


All wagnerstrasse-products are designed and handmade by herself, starting with the idea and conception, the pattern, the design, the range of the applied materials going all the way to the finished piece of work. The products are handmade with utmost care, all load-bearing seams have a double seam resp. are double riveted. A great deal of care is taken on high quality materials and haberdasheries.


For the love of animals in the production of wagnerstrasse products the application of real leather is very limited and used only when absolutely vital regarding terms of stability and the haptics. The applicated leather is from Germany where a respectful and ethical treatment of livestock is mandatory by law. The handles are made exclusively for wagnerstrasse by a local saddlery that supplies all the leather we use within our wagnerstrasse bags. On some products we apply vegetable-tanned leather that originates from tannery August Renz, Tuttlingen, Germany.

You'd like to have a pure vegan product? We shall be pleased to accomodate that wish and use textile or cork handles instead of real leather handles without a surcharge. You only tell us!

For the love of human beings in the production of wagnerstrasse products there are only pollutant-inspected fabrics applied. The applied vegan leather is made in Germany. It is high-grade vegan leather, very pleasant and likeable in feel and look, very hard-wearing as it is a furnishing fabric in the first place (UV resistant, waterproof, tear-resistant, saltwater-resistant and skin-friendly, light-resistance factor 6, sweat-resistant, free of Cd, azoic dye, CFC, PCP/PCB and formaldehyde according to German provision of the law.) Due to the high-quality production this vegan leather is almost as costly as real leather.


wagnerstrasse offers high quality and healthy products that shall provide pleasure for years to come.