Bag collection black with faux fur

The black bag collection with faux fur consists of one shoulder bag, one clutch and one notebook with cover, handsewn.

Black shoulder bag with fauxfur No 419

Awesome shoulder bag with leather handle. The outside of the bag is made of black high-grade vegan leather* and has a large outside pocket on it. The inner lining fabric has a very pretty colourful pebbles print. The bag features a large zipper (ykk) pocket on the inside. The flap made of black and very cozy faux fur (the feel is comparable to rabbit fur) can be shut via two invisible magnetic locks.

The leather originates from a local saddlery that supplies us with leather from Germany. The handle is approx. 46,46 inches long, 1,18 inches wide and 0,11 inches deep and due to the silver coloured rivets the handle is adjustable or completely removable.


approx dimensions: width 13,8", hight 12,2", depth 2,75".


Additional used materials: 2 silver coloured suspension rings (diameter 1,7") and vlieseline.


*German high-class vegan leather, very pleasant and likeable in feel and look, very hard-wearing as it is a furnishing fabric in the first place (UV resistant, waterproof, tear-resistant, saltwater-resistant and skin-friendly, light-resistance factor 6, sweat-resistant, free of Cd, azoic dye, CFC, PCP/PCB and formaldehyde according to German provision of the law.

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matching accessories:

Black faux fur clutch No 210

Clutch made of very cozy faux fur in black. The faux fur is of a thick quality and very cozy (comparable to rabbit fur). The inner lining cotton material has a pretty pebbles print. The clutch is equipped with a 11,8" long ykk metal zipper in antique colour.




ca. Maße: 12x6,7x0,78 inches.


Due to multiple usage of Vlieseline H250 the clutch has got a very good grip and hold.


Is going to be sewed for you after receipt of payment so pls allow up to 5 days til shipment.

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Notebook pebbles for black bag collection with faux fur

A6*-Notebook with handsewed cover made of cotton fabric with pretty pebbles print. Together with the bag or "solo" as a gift idea for your beloved ones: this notebook is pretty and handy at the same time! The book consists of 80 unlined pages; the paper is beautiful and firm to the feel. It is produced in Germany. The book cover is equipped with a black band to secure it as well as a black bookmark.


dimensions: 4,4x6,1".


Material: cotton. We doubled the material to make the book cover look nicely even without the notebook.
*according to German Industry Standard (DIN)

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