Orange bag collection

The orange bag collection consists of one large longitudinal shoulder bag, one tote bag (sold), one clutch (sold), one purse with partitions and revolving zipper, one spectacles case, one iPhone case and one notebook with matching cover, handsewn.

Large orange-brown shoulder bag in longitudinal format Nr 611 from the 70th

Sensational and roomy bag for those who need to carry large stuff like laptop, books, folders etc. Shoulder bag made of striped air matress originated from the 70th in the vintage colours of that time: orange, brown, beige. The bag is completely made of this air matress: on the outside striped material and on the inside brown material. There you'll find one large (ykk) zipper pocket, two large pockets (including the compartment for your mobile phone) as well as a brass snap hook (2,55"). The bag can be shut by the recessed ykk metal zipper in antique.

The shoulder strap is a high grade leather substitute* in brown (approx length 49,2", width 1,25", 0,12" strong). Due to screw rivets it is attached to the suspension rings and therefore can be adjusted according to your needs or detached completely.


The bag is equipped with very carefully crafted pretty details: the extraordinary position of the strap joint (laterally offset position on the top) is a eyecatching detail. The suspension rings (diam. 2,16") are made of wood and match perfectly within the picture of this beautiful vintage-model. The air valve (formerly used to inflate the air materess) is now for decoration purposes prettily included in one of the inside pockets. The cover of one end of the recessed metal zipper is level and catchy made of the air matress material. Wooden beads are attached to be used as zipper handles.


approx. dimensions: width 15,4 / heigth 17,5 / depth 4,3.


*This leather substitute is of very durable and heavy quality, feels awesome and is equipped with leather optics. Actually the material consists of  a plastic coated structural fabric: the structural fabric made of polyester on the inside coated with polyurethan as protective layer on the outside.

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matching accessorie:

Purse orange-grey No 525

Awesome purse with partitions in orange Skai vegan leather* with nappa character and revolving grey zipper. 


The purse has got five partitions for notes, receipts etc., one zipper partition in the middle and in addition six slots for your cheque cards (multiple usage). 


The lining materials are as follows:

- coated cotton in grey/white with dots

- coated cotton in beige/white with dots

- coated linen in beige with inweaved silver thread.


approx dimensions: 8,6 x 4,3 x 2"


*high-grade vegan leather, very pleasant and likeable in feel and  great look, very hard-wearing, UV resistant, waterproof, tear-resistant, saltwater-resistant and skin-friendly, light-resistance factor 6, sweat-resistant, free of Cd, azoic dye, CFC, PCP/PCB and formaldehyde according to German provision of the law.

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matching accessorie:

Matching notebook with cover for orange bag collection

Notebook with handsewed cover matching for orange bag collection. Together with the bag or "solo" as a gift idea for your beloved ones: this notebook is pretty and handy at the same time! The book consists of 80 unlined pages; the paper is beautiful and firm to the feel. It is produced in Germany. The book cover is equipped with a black band to secure it as well as a black bookmark.


dimensions: 4,4x6,1".


Material: Cotton. We doubled the material to make the book cover look nicely even without the notebook.

34,00 €

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