iPhone case 6+7 glittering white

iPhone case 6+7 glittering white

Simple and yet beautiful. iPhone case made of high grade glittering vegan leather* in white.


The iPhone case is unlined and due to the tight cut your mobile phone (almost) won't drop off - to get your phone out of the case you've got to pull it out with your fingers. For better haptics and stability we've doubled the material on top of the case and reinforced it invisibly with vlieseline.
approx dimensions: 6,1x3,1x0,08 inches. Matching for iPhone 6+7.

Also possible for iPhone 5 - please mention this in your order!     


*high-grade vegan leather, very pleasant and likeable in feel and  great look, very hard-wearing, UV resistant, waterproof, tear-resistant, saltwater-resistant and skin-friendly, light-resistance factor 6, sweat-resistant, free of Cd, azoic dye, CFC, PCP/PCB and formaldehyde according to German provision of the law.

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