Clutch Nr. 209

Nr. 209

Beautiful clutch made of soft and cosy fake fur in salmon and light grey. The salmon coloured fake fur with inweaved zigzag patterns is of an extreme smoothness and comparable to rabbit fur. The light grey fake fur used for the bottom of the clutch is a bit more robust.

The grey lining material is made of 100 % linen. Shut by a 30 cm long ykk plastic zipper.

Carry this clutch under your arm. Due to the pastel-colour of the material the Clutch matches well to almost every outfit.


Measures: 12,6 x 6,3 x 1,6 inches.


Due to multiple usage of fleece 250 the bag's quite sturdy and has got a good grip.


After receipt of payment the clutch is going to be sewed for you so pls allow up to 5 days til it is ready for shipment.

79,00 €

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